“City of Doors”, Unlocking Network Effects in Social Token Platforms

“We are all one brother.” -JP Sears
  1. Communities get exposure to potential new members
  2. Ideas can cross pollinate more easily
  3. Network effects can be unlocked, as the sum of all aligned communities have a base within each community
  4. The created content is still exclusive in practice; and cannot be seen without membership
  1. You can permission any of the tokens in the alliance that align with your community. If a particular community doesn’t work for you — then don’t enable permissioning for their token in Collab.Land — for example maybe it’s NSFW content, and that doesn’t fit your brand. However please notify any affected City of Doors members communities so they can deactivate any links that point to your community.
  2. Have a basic “City of Doors” announcement channel and forward the announcements from the root “City of Doors” announcement channel. This will serve as an easily accessible hub for your members to tour other communities.
  3. Encourage both exploration of the tokenized platform multiverse, and conversation with your platform’s tourists!




Creative futurism one drop at a time.

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Kyle Stargarden

Kyle Stargarden

Creative futurism one drop at a time.

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