“City of Doors”, Unlocking Network Effects in Social Token Platforms

We are at the very beginning of a revolution in human organization and coordination. The most under-rated and least talked about facet of blockchain technology; are engineering incentives, community and the power of network effects. Yes, “number go up”, but why does it stay up?

Is it the technology? Is it the hype and fomo or is it the brand?

Or is it the community?

I would make the argument that it truly is community. Why? Community has three specific attributes that make it unique; you can’t fork it, you can’t buy it, and it’s driven by passion.

Yearn, and Andre Cronje, are some of the most powerful forces in the cryptosphere; not just for their awesome technology; but because they understand — how to unlock network effects and foster community. When your platform has great passion, technology and community, and after you have been battered by your first great pump and dump, Yearn will adopt you.

When you believe in Blockchain, Open Source, Open Data and Open Finance; you start to realize that we are all on the same side. Take power from this knowledge.

“We are all one brother.” -JP Sears

So I would like to announce an open ended invitation for tokenized social communities to ally, collaborate, cross pollinate and bloom; together.

What this means is that exclusive, digital, tokenized communities would create a special area in their community. A small set of channels, permissioned through Collab.land, to allow members of other tokenized communities; a glimpse into your realm. This area is the City of Doors; a place for any allied social token holder to come and get a feel for your special community’s vibe, ideas and modes.

The concept comes from the fictional city Sigil, also known as “The City of Doors”, originally imagined by Dungeons and Dragons pioneers Steve Winter, Jim Ward, Monte Cook and others. It was imagined as a city which, “…contains innumerable portals that can lead to anywhere … any bounded opening (a doorway, an arch, a barrel hoop, a picture frame) could possibly be a portal to another plane… Thus, the city is a paradox: it touches all planes at once, yet ultimately belongs to none; from these characteristics it draws its other name: “The City of Doors”.


There are benefits to this arrangement for each and every tokenized community. Its an inclusive and positive sum game:

  1. Communities get exposure to potential new members
  2. Ideas can cross pollinate more easily
  3. Network effects can be unlocked, as the sum of all aligned communities have a base within each community
  4. The created content is still exclusive in practice; and cannot be seen without membership

How this would work in practice for existing tokenized communities:

  1. You can permission any of the tokens in the alliance that align with your community. If a particular community doesn’t work for you — then don’t enable permissioning for their token in Collab.Land — for example maybe it’s NSFW content, and that doesn’t fit your brand. However please notify any affected City of Doors members communities so they can deactivate any links that point to your community.
  2. Have a basic “City of Doors” announcement channel and forward the announcements from the root “City of Doors” announcement channel. This will serve as an easily accessible hub for your members to tour other communities.
  3. Encourage both exploration of the tokenized platform multiverse, and conversation with your platform’s tourists!

Of course in the near future; we could implement either a bot — to automatically add new partners token information, or perhaps even tinker with Collab.land itself to encourage this functionality!

Expect us to announce our very first partnerships soon.

Creative futurism one drop at a time.

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