We’re going to increase trust and safety across the Rarible platform and NFT ecosystem utilizing a combination of knowledge graphs, predictive analytics and deep learning.


There are great use cases for predictive analytics and AI models to enhance safety, scalability and trust in the Rarible platform.

The most impactful way to strengthen the platform is with wash-trade detection and flagging models. We are building a detailed knowledge graph, with data from over 6,000 verified wash traders. With this dataset, we can train models to detect, flag and grade malicious or suspicious traders. …

We are at the very beginning of a revolution in human organization and coordination. The most under-rated and least talked about facet of blockchain technology; are engineering incentives, community and the power of network effects. Yes, “number go up”, but why does it stay up?

Is it the technology? Is it the hype and fomo or is it the brand?

Or is it the community?

I would make the argument that it truly is community. Why? Community has three specific attributes that make it unique; you can’t fork it, you can’t buy it, and it’s driven by passion.

Yearn, and…

The world of blockchain social money and creator communities is growing rapidly. New abilities are being instilled into the very fabric of community development oriented models through new technology, software tools platforms. Its now possible for small groups of individuals bootstrap significant liquidity; without venture capital, to the betterment of their communities, followers and supporters. These new powers primarily come from tireless innovation and experimentation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The tables are slowly turning on the centralized platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Instagram. These platforms were once a tool of liberation for many independent artists and influencers. Many formerly liberated…

There’s a tremendous amount of hype surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the blockchain world today. NFTs are promising and present many new use cases, value adds and enhanced functionality for a plethora of different industries; from games and decentralized finance to art marketplaces and blockchain education. The buzz surrounding the opportunities with NFTs is warranted, but there is a fundamental problem. There is a fast growing impersonation, forgery and counterfeiting community just below the marketplaces. These thieves are eroding trust, fracturing governance and tribalizing the nascent NFT marketplace community.

The gig is pretty simple. Copy some known creator’s artwork, make…

Kyle Stargarden

Creative futurism one drop at a time.

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